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anea's landing resort

Meetings & Events

Aeneas’ Landing Resort is provided with a meeting area and an exhibition space. The comfortable conference room is furnished in a typical yet functional fashion, and provides professionals and businesses with discreet and quiet environments to work. The meeting room is at the ground floor and features natural light, complete technical equipment, speakers table, chairs and a wide free parking for the guests. For particularly important conferences, in addition to the meeting rooms, it is possible to use the Resort internal room, which is very large and overlooks the sea and the tropical garden. It is an ideal location for the coffee break or for a refreshing pause, as well. All the typical Resort comforts will cheer your meetings, whether they are formal or not, by allowing any kind of arrangement and entertainment, with a stunning natural amphitheatre in the background.


Elegance, Sophistication, Charme

Some days are different from anyone else and deserve a special spot in the family album that will be a tale of remarkable moments you longed for for so long. For those exceptional days, choose Aeneas’ Landing Resort: its spaces will be the perfect frame for your irresistible shoots. An exceptional location perched on the sea and surrounded by nature, modern in its aspect, but still elegant and sophisticated. A suitable space for celebrating while having fun, in a magical atmosphere that will be impressed in your memory by making this night unforgettable for everyone. A versatile Resort that meets every need, from a fancy dinner to a dancing night with disco music on the beach, to the happy hour in the garden by the pool.

Aeneas Landing Ricevimenti e cerimeonie
Not only relax…Aeneas’Landing holds wonderful parties on the shore that engage all the tourists and Resort's guests. Summer beach parties with a Caribbean hint, masquerades, American bar parties, disco bar, piano bar. A real paradise, good music, great company, fun and, above all, a wonderful experience you will look forwards to talking to your friends about.
The fair balance between elegance and informality! Our atmosphere results from a wise balance between nature and history, which is enriched by contemporary design elements. The typical environment, with rocky ups and downs, colourful explosions of bougainvillea and geraniums, and sudden water springs, was carefully respected thanks to natural materials that create a never boring context, which is curated in every detail. Aeneas’Landing Resort is the perfect venue for unforgettable celebrations: Theme Dinners, Gala Nights, Gourmet Nights, Buffet with sweet and savoury Finger Food, Special Happy Hours, Confirmations, Holy Communions, Christenings, Weddings, Birthdays and Anniversaries.  We aim at stunning our guests and giving them special emotions….. A journey to the past and to the imagination in a historical scenography with a suggestive background, where you can plan a prestigious dinner for any great occasion.
Succesfull meetings, conferences, and business dinners in Gaeta? If you have to plan business dinners, Coffee Breaks, Brunches and Cocktail parties with customer groups or for your company in an exclusive venue, you have reached the right place! Aeneas Landing Resort has a charming indoor space with a strong personality, surrounded by a unique view; it offers wide outdoor spaces to improve your open air moments among colours and scents coming from the sea and the nature. Traditionally prepared sea dishes from the Mediterranean tradition and raw fish are served. The ideal partner to your company that will help you find the best solutions to plan your Corporate Party. Arrange a meeting and choose with us the most suitable menu according to participants, season ….and your budget!

Via Flacca km 23,600 - 04024 - Gaeta (LT) Italy

+39 0771741713



Aeneas Landing